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Kitchen Aid – Tradition and Innovation

After the years of hard work, the Kitchen Aid has come with the perfection: They managed to join the iconic design, the years of tradition along with the innovation and technology. Coming in April 2015, Kitchen aid will showcase the new line of home appliances. Not only you will be able to get innovative products, you will also be able to enjoy completely new and redesigned packaging. Kitchen Aid has come a long way since 1919 since their introduced first sturdy  mixer. Keeping in mind all of the customers feedback Continue Reading

Top 12 Most Amazing Hobbit Houses

Standard Abode in the Hobbit Village

Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and protected from the elements, earthen shelters or hobbit houses aren’t just for Bilbo in the Shire. Hobbit Houses are fun, practical and perfect for camping in nature. Here are all the most breathtaking Hobbit-influenced houses from around the world.

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Lovely Rustic Family House in Japan

Lovely-Rustic-Family-House-in-Japan (4)

This beautiful house is located in Kamakura, Japan owned by Hitoshi Uchida-san, the owner of J’Antiques Tokyo. Seen here with his family Fumika, Hanto and Cocone Uchita, it was shot by the Selby in late October 2011. The white painted brick, rustic plaster, exposed beams, well placed vintage finds & simple styling are just stunning. […]

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Wonderful Outdoor Beds for Summer Slumber

Wonderful-Outdoor-Beds-for-Summer-Slumber (10)

From the king-sized beds floating on water to the more traditional ones, these beds are showing cozy sleeping places. Clearly from the following photos, a lot of them are located in idyllic surroundings, whether we are referring to lush backyards, natural waters or fantastic pools. Get a small table for fresh lemonade or extravagant beverage […]

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The Futuristic Cave House of Tiziana Serretta in Milan

The-Futuristic-Cave-House-of-Tiziana-Serretta-in-Milan (1)

More than a place to live in, this is a workshop of visionary creativity. Tiziana Serretta who began her professional life as a judicial university researcher and professor, abandoned academia and devoted herself to the arts and has given life to an unexpected house in Milan.  From collector to dealer, she opened an art gallery […]

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20 Rustic Bedroom Designs

20-Rustic-Bedroom-Designs (1)

The Rustic style is another cottage-type concept often found in many other decorating styles; such as Tuscan, lodge, cottage, French Country, or coastal living. If you are planning to decorate your bedroom with a rustic theme, you may be wondering about the best colors, accents and decor to use in a such a room. Combination […]

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Best Arranged Attics Ever


It is actually absurd to your attic stay empty. If it is not a storage place, then you need to use it in the smartest way. So, there are the primary techniques to complete a great project; Start with removing everything you stored there. After that, when the room is empty, paint your walls in […]

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Small and Cozy Bed


When it comes to beds, wishes are different; someone wants a huge and classy bed, but there are those who wants a small space just for themselves. Few pillows, a warm blanket, and your dreams will be beautiful!

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Creepy and Actually Wonderful Abandoned Rooms

Creepy-and-Actually-Wonderful-Abandoned-Rooms (1)

For unknown reasons, there’s really something scary about places that sit forgotten for a long time after their owners have died. Dilapidated walls, ruined floors, broken windows and cobwebs make the people, who step into these rooms, think that the rooms are haunted. But, there is something special about that… all of those rooms look […]

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Inspiring and Modern Home Offices


An efficient, sophisticated workspace is extremely important for your good results and productivity. In case it is in your home, ensure that it is cozy, inspiring and motivational. Simple workspace pieces of furniture (a practical desk and trendy desk chair) and some smart storage methods are the elementary, but beautifying tips such as coloring, lighting […]

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Thread Wrapping Machine by Studio Anton Alvarez


Anton Alvarez is a London situated designer and artist from Sweden, born 1980. in Uppsala. In June 2012. he presented The Thread Wrapping Machine. The project is a method to combine various kinds of products simply with the glue-covered thread. As a result of applying this manufacturing technique, numerous products could very well be combined […]

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